Settling Tie Games

Settling Tie Games With Shootouts (Edmonton Inline Rules)

  • This will only be done in the Martin Yonge Ice Breaker Tournament and Regular League games.
  • The winner of the shootout will get 2 points for the win; and the loser of the shootout will get 1 point for the tie.
  • Note 1: the shootout will take place without delay at the end of the tied game.
  • Note 2: If one team (or both) does not have a goalie available there will be no shootout and each team will get one point for the tie game.


  1. The timekeeper will set the score on the score clock to 0-0 and will write "SHOOTOUT" immediately below the record of goals scored in regulation time.
  2. The home team will decide whether to shoot first or second.
  3. The teams will alternate shooters until each team has had 3 players shoot (unless it would be unnecessary to send all 3 if the game could be decided with fewer shooters.)
  4. The timekeeper will record the jersey number of the shooters in the appropriate score column of the game sheet and mark "X" beside a failed attempt and "Y" to indicate a goal.  When a goal is scored add one (1) to the scoreboard.
  5. If the game is still tied after teams have sent 3 shooters each;                                                                              

a) the shootout continues as teams alternate shooter one at a time until a winner can be declared.                                  

b) all the non-goalie players (shooters) on the team must be used before a player can shoot a second time and, the same rotation of shooters must be used in exactly the same order as the first time through the line-up.

6. When the winner is decided the game sheet shall reflect a one goal margin for the final score. (e.g. A game that ends 6-6 in  regulation time will end as a 7-6 game after the shootout.


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